GM Groundworks Ltd - Auckland

GM Groundworks Ltd - Auckland

027 604 5312

(or 09 828 9954)

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" Mini Auckland Earthmovers who can work in the tight areas "

Pile hole drilling
All aspects of work undertaken
House sites
Section clearing
Rock breaking
All excavation & digging

* For all your small earthmover jobs - Phone Greg for a Free No Obligation Quote !!

At GM Groundworks we are known throughout the Central part of Auckland as the leaders in all tight spot & hard to get to areas. Greg has been in business for over 10 years carrying out a vast array of earth moving jobs using his Dingo. If you looked at the photos of the Dingo in operation you maybe forgiven for thinking this machine could be limited in how much earth you could move in an hour. Many customers go to work in the morning only to find at the end of the day when they return a huge amount of earth that has been moved that would normally take days or even weeks with a wheelbarrow & labour hire.

The Dingo comes with a half a dozen key attachments & can provide the customer with a one stop shop in relation to the different jobs that can be achieved with the one machine.

Firstly for any basic dig out or transportation of dirt their is the .25 cubic metre bucket. There is a chain trencher for laying all those services such as telecom cables, 2 inch water pipes etc.The third most common attachment is a post hole borer. This is used to put retaining posts in, fencing & even if you were doing a mass tree planting such as a hedge line Greg has used it for those as well. The fourth attachment is a mini back hoe which is used for deep excavation in one position. The fifth attachment is a rake to level out all soil areas & to break up all those larger clumps of dirt prior to laying seed for a lawn. The last piece of equipment Greg uses is a rotary hoe as demonstrated in the photos. This clever piece of machinery is able to rip up all existing dead grass & lawn in order to turn the ground over and plant new seed.

One of the jobs that can be carried out include getting into tight & dangerous spots where many larger earthmover machines are unable to gain access to. This includes under house dig outs or excavations. The main benefit of the dingo is that the machine is a little over one metre high & in very tight spots the opeator can lean or crouch down operating in heights of not much more than two metres.

If you are considering getting some earthworks done call GM Groundworks for helpful advice & free quotes. They are conveniently centrally located so they are able to offer a fast & efficient service. The bulk of the earthmoving jobs that are carried out & the areas where they specialise in are West, Central & Eastern Auckland.

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: closed
Public Holidays: closed
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